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Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to make your office visit with us as streamlined and pleasant as possible. We have several office policies in place for that purpose. We hope that this information helps you understand our office policies.

Why do I need a consultation prior to having surgery?

During the consultation visit your health history, x-rays, and current medications are reviewed by the surgeon. An examination is performed and a treatment plan formulated. It may be necessary to alter some of the medications that you are taking or discuss your medical condition with your physician prior to surgery. Risks, benefits, alternatives and healing times are discussed at this time. This visit also provides you with the opportunity to ask questions about your surgical procedure. We will provide a written estimate of your surgical fee and information about your insurance coverage during this visit.

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Why do I need a current X-ray?

Current x-rays are essential for accurate diagnosis. We will accept an x-ray from your dentist if it is of sufficient quality and shows the entire root structure of the tooth in question. We require a panoramic x-ray for 3rd molar surgery. This type of x-ray shows vital structures adjacent to the wisdom teeth such as nerves in the lower jaw and sinuses in the upper jaw.

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Do you place dental implants?

We provide the surgical phases of implant care in conjunction with your dentist. We will work with your dentist to formulate a treatment plan and place the implant. Your dentist will place the crown, bridge, or denture on the implants after healing. For more information on dental implants, click here.

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Why do I need an escort with me on the day of surgery?

If you are having a procedure done with local anesthesia only (Novocain) an escort is not necessary. If you are being sedated for your surgery your escort must arrive with you and stay in the office during your procedure. This will ensure that you can be discharged as soon as possible following your surgery and so that your escort may be immediately notified in the unlikely event of an emergency.

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Who files my insurance?

Our office will file your medical and dental insurance as a courtesy to you.

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What if I don’t have insurance?

We will discuss surgical fees and payment options during your consultation appointment. For those procedures not covered by insurance, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted. We also offer Care Credit as a payment option.

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